TD Ameritrade: The Online Broker for First-Time Investors

Why TD Ameritrade is a Perfect Online Broker for First-Timers

With the economy recovering slowly but surely, more and more people are noticing they have a few extra dollars to spare. Whether you’re a Millennial, a Baby Boomer, or a member of the Silent Generation, it’s never too early (or too late) to experiment with investing some of your extra cash. But how do you choose the best broker out of the multitude of options that are available?

NerdWallet reviewed TD Ameritrade and found that as a service, it is best-suited for beginner investors. The review says, “The service and account features offered are above average for this price point and more than sufficient for most retail investors, and the barrier of entry for beginners is low with a $0 minimum deposit.”

When you’re looking for a comprehensive program with all the bells and whistles, TD Ameritrade is a perfect online broker for first-timers. It offers a user-friendly platform for those who are just beginning as well as a wide range of add-ons and additional native programs for investors with more experience.

TD Ameritrade has been rated #1 overall for the fourth year in a row by, so we decided to do a rundown if its easy-to-use platform and educational tools.

Nothing beats TD Ameritrade when it comes to getting the information you want and the education you need about the market and your options. Like Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and ETRADE, TD Ameritrade provides extensive research regarding the market, and offers Morningstar research for mutual funds. Additionally, TD Ameritrade uses Thompson Reuters – one of the most trusted and recognized names in the business – as its provider for analysis of individual equities.

The Basics

Though it charges more per trade than just about any other major broker out there, when it comes to online brokers TD Ameritrade more than delivers with a user-friendly interface and 101 commission-free ETFs. If you need help at any time, you can access customer support via e-mail, telephone, or live chat to get the assistance you need, when you need it.

TD Ameritrade is part of the growing industry of online financial services. Long gone are the days when you had to hire a stock broker to keep an investment portfolio, and unless you had a rather large portfolio, you’d have difficulty getting any assistance or information from your broker.

With the proliferation of online services, people from accross the economic strata can start investing. Companies can keep their costs down and can provide extensive information about their services and products.

Native Additions

Additionally, there are plenty of extras for more seasoned investors, including Thinkorswim, a program that was integrated with TD Ameritrade that streams real-time market data that’s easy to view and assess with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Extras and Features

There is an on-site charting functionality with a wide variety of different technical indicators and easy-to-use charts that are quick and simple to navigate. You can also add and customize your own sidebar customized with different modules that fit your preferences. Additionally, TD Ameritrade offers an iPhone app, which includes a neat feature that allows you to scan the barcode of any product while you’re out shopping so you can get instant information about the product’s publicly traded company. Beginners and experts alike can take advantage of TD Ameritrade’s mobile trading programs – TD Ameritrade Mobile and TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader. The former is designed for casual investors while the latter is designed for active traders.

With straightforward pricing, no hidden fees, and a large selection of stocks to choose from, it’s not difficult to get your start as a newbie, or hit the ground running as an expert with TD Ameritrade. To get started, you can simply head over to the website for more information, and sign up for an account.

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